Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities

Al-Istiqlal University (The Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences) witnesses a rapid development at the academic, administrative, scientific, and technical levels. This development reflects on the qualitative development of the departments and the academic programs. Therefore, this excellence is embodied by constructed faculties including Faculty of Humanities which aims to meet the academic needs of the Palestinian security institutions through bachelor program and graduate studies in the future.  

Faculty of Humanities grants bachelor degree in various majors through its departments like Department of Security Sciences which offers B.A. degree in Security Sciences, Psychology Department which offers B.A. degree in Psychology, and Department of Modern Languages which offers B.A. degree in English Language- minor Hebrew.

The Faculty’s interest is not restricted on academic-capacity building of cadets, but it, in cooperation with other faculties, provides them with important training courses for future work and offers them acquiring different educational experiences.

Associate Prof. Hussam Qadoumi

The Dean of Faculty of Humanities


Palestine- Jericho- Hisham’s Palace Street. P.O.Box (10)

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Website: www.alistiqlal.edu.ps
e-mail: fh@pass.ps

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