Faculty of Humanities
English Major Minor Hebrew


 اسم الطالب:احمد حمدان

اسم المشرف:د.فواز عقل


Factors influencing students foreign of Al-Istiqlal University language learning

 This study investigated the Factors influencing students foreign language learning of Al-Istiqlal University. The study also investigated the influence of these varables (gender, academic year and place of residence) on the Students lcarning. So as to achieve this purpose, the researcher distributed a questionnaire on 58 students-sample from the English department (sophomores-juniors and seniors) at Al-lstiqlal university in Jericho -Palestine. The results revealed that the factors influencing students foreign language learning were very moderate. The results also show that there arestatistically significant differences at (a=0.05) level on the total degree of between lcarners' attitudes towards the factors influcncing students foreign language lcarming due to year in tavor ot (Second year). Moreover, the Tesults als0 show that there are no statistically significant difterences at (a0.05) level on the total degree ot betwcen learners attitudes towards the tactors inthuencing students foreign language learhing due to gender and academic level. Based on the fndings it was recommended that educational methods should be followed during lectures and new teaching approaches Should be added to the curricula, in ordCT to increase the students derstanding and leaming a foreign language.